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Rec Softball 2024


Quickball (4/5 year old): Co-Ed Entry level program for our youngest of players. Quickball is a GREAT introduction for any young player to familiarize them with the basic physical skills of baseball/softball.

T-BALL (5/6 year old): An Instructional based program for girls primarily 6 year old. Our TBALL division looks to expand on the “Softball Basics” while girls learn to hit off of a tee and understand how to run the bases.  This is a fun-based introduction to the sport. 

Rookie (7/8 year old): Our most Advanced Instructional Division is for girls aged 7 and 8 years old. At this point most players should have played some lower level of Instructional softball.  This division utilizes a Pitching Machine w/ Coaches present on the field working to teach the true game of softball.

Minor (9/10 year old): Our youngest of the “Competitive” Divisions for girls 9-10 years old. Minor League is a combination of Machine Pitch (wheel machine) & Kid Pitch from 35 feet. Players & Coaches work together to continue developing more advanced Softball skills. The introduction of Kid Pitch comes into play with (2) innings of Machine Pitch followed by (4) innings of kid pitch.   At this level the Ballplayers are experiencing the game of Softball with the introduction of Strikeouts, Recording of Outs, Score is Kept, More aggressive Baserunning tactics, etc.  All teams will make the Playoffs and will compete for the Minor Division Champion!

Major (11/12 year old): A “Competitive” Division for girls 11 and 12 years old.  This Division is ALL KID Pitch from 40 feet with the introduction of more advanced Softball Skills and true softball tactics.  This division will compete both in-house and out of the house against other local rec teams and follow the rules of Babe Ruth Softball.  Coaches will be working with players on knowledge of the game as well as fundamentals.

Seniors (13+ year old): Our final Division within our MARA REC program for girls 13 and older.  This Division is ALL Kid Pitch from 43 feet and follows the rules of Babe Ruth Softball. Our players take all the softball skills & knowledge they have learned throughout their MARA career and put it all on display for Family & Fans. Teams will mainly compete against other local senior's rec programs. 

Bambino Challenger:  Our Bambino Challenger program is a very unique program which gives children with special needs the opportunity to participate in an organized Baseball program.  The team practices once per week and plays a modified version of baseball against neighboring leagues.  The players are partnered with "buddies" who are on the field with our Bambino players and help teach the game of Baseball in a controlled environment.  Our Bambino program is a rewarding experience for all involved.

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